About the project


Building height       3600mm

Roof construction Exterior wall construction Floor construction
Bitumen roof Wood panels, painted    Metal frame
Ventilation lathing x 2 Ventilation lathing x 2 Galvanized tinplate
Wind barrier Wind barrier Wooden construciton
Metal frame Metal frame Insolation 200mm
Wooden construciton Wooden construciton OSB
Insolation 200mm Insolation 125mm Flooring
Vapor barrier Vapor barrier
Wooden lathing Wooden construciton
OSB Insolation 50mm
Wood panels or plasterboard OSB
Wood panels or plasterboard


Exterior Basic equipment Medium equipment Premium equipment
Windows and doors Solid wood Solid wood Alu/wood
Lights   Kanlux Bart Nordlux Tin

Silver or Black

Nordlux tin Copper
Outdoor socket                           Schneider Mureva Berker Berker
Rain drainage system                 Round Round Sqare
Walls and ceilings                       Wood panel
or platerboard
Wood panel
or platerboard
Wood panel
or platerboard
Floor   Laminate Solid wood Solid wood
Interior doors                              Hinged doors (Jeldwen) Solid wood (sliding system Hafele)           Solid wood (sliding system Hafele)          
Ceiling lights                                  Philips Pongee Philips Paisley Nordlux MIB 6
Lamps above the dining table    Electricity outlet Nordlux Anniversary      Nordlux Artist 40     
Reading lamp                                mAntra Sal white 628               Nordlux Tippy                        Belid Cato                                               
Switches and sockets                   ABB Basic                       ABB Future Linear                 Berker 1930
Shower room & accesories
Floor Tiles  Tiles Tiles
Walls Tiles in the shower area, other wall’s wood panel or painted plasterboard Tiles in the shower area, other wall’s wood panel or painted plasterboard Tiles in the shower area, other wall’s wood panel or painted plasterboard
Ceiling Wood panel or painted plasterboard Wood panel or painted plasterboard Wood panel or painted plasterboard
Heating in shower room ADAX VPS                                Raychem Raychem
Towel dryer                                   - Pax Samba                             Pax Flex U
Water heater Ariston Velis                        Ariston Velis                        Ariston Velis Wi Fi                       
Fan Soler&Palau Pax                              Zehnder
WC Ifo Sign                                          Laufen PRO                            Laufen Kartell

Sink mixer

Ifo Inspira 

Grohe Eurosmart                                    

Laufen Val 

Grohe Essence

Laufen Kartell

Grohe Essence                     

Shower glass Baltijos Brasta Baltijos Brasta                    Baltijos Brasta
Shower system Grohe Grohetherm                 Grohe Euphoria               Grohe Smart Control
WC accessories                           Tiger Boston                                  Tiger Noon Tiger Urban
Lights Halo Desing Straight                    Ifo eletric Classic                   Lucide Taylor
Switches and sockets Schneider Exxact ip44 Schneider Exxact ip44      Schneider Exxact ip44
Mirror with lighting                    
Washing machine connection   -
Electricity convectors Adax neo Wi Fi Adax neo Wi Fi Adax neo Wi Fi
Furniture & kitchen equipment
Kitchen frame MFC Pine, solid wood Plywood or solid wood
Kitchen facade MDF MDF painted MDF covered 
Kitchen countertop Thick chipboard  Pine, solid wood Oak, solid wood
Handles Beslag Desing Beslag Desing Beslag Desing
Furniture Blum Blum Blum
Splash glass Glass (60x60mm) Glass or Tiles Glass or Tiles
Sink Reginox IB Reginox New York Reginox Kansas
Mikser Grohe Eurosmart Cosmo Grohe Essence Grohe  Essence Smartcontrol
Fridge Electrolux AEG Miele
Stove Electrolux AEG Miele
Oven Electrolux AEG Miele
Kitchen fan Electrolux AEG Miele

Switch & sackets


ABB Basic


ABB Future Linear

Berker 1930



Facade panel by special order
Copper drainage system, windows sills
Outdoor shower system with hot water,  Burlington Eden
Gaden faucet Oras 431015
Additional lamp
Additional electrical outlet socket
Terrace (spruce, larch)
For windows & doors heat-resistant glass
Other materials for walls & ceilings
Concealed curtain rails at sliding windows
Media box
TV socket according to other stile sockets
Internet socket according to other stile sockets
Fire place with chimney (TermaTech TT60)
Warm floor, heated with water
Washing machine with dryer
Splash protection throughout the kitchen (HPL, Stainless steel, Copper)
Kitchen countertop (Stone, Stainless steel)
Air conditioner (,Panasonic R32 Deluxe or LG R32 Wi Fi)
Oven with microwave function adapted to existing household appliances
Locker under the shower sink
Water heater from 100-200l withou Wi Fi
Single bed
Double bed
Bunk bed
Shelving system
Integrated wardrobe with desk

*Other furniture:

      We offer to buy furniture from Bo Concept according to your wishes together with the house.


Choice of colors



Auson Svarttjära

Auson Tjärvitriol

 Auson Bruntjära

 Auson Rödtjära

Teknos Nordica matt

 Rödfärg Original Black

Rödfärg Original Grey

Rödfärg Original

Rödfärg Original Light red


Black (metal)

Gray (metal)

Alu Zn (metal)

Zn (metal)

White (metal)

Bitumen math

Wood (painted according facade)

Rain water pipes

Black (metal)

Gray (metal)

Alu Zn (metal)

Zn (metal)

White (metal)

Windows & doors exterior




Granite gray

 Transparent white


Windows & doors interior

White hinged, basic set

Solid wood sliding, painted white

Solid wood sliding, treated with wax

 Solid wood sliding, treated with wax

Solid wood sliding, painted black

Interior decoration

 Painted wood panels

Painted plasterboard


Laminate, basic set

SoftPine Pearl, standard equipment

HardPine Pyrit, standard equipment

HardPine Onyx, standard equipment

ArtistOak Milk, premium equipment

Floor & walls in the shower room

Marazzi Stonework Anthracite

Marazzi Stonework Grey

Marazzi Stonework Taupe

Marazzi Stonework White

Marazzi SistemC Città Nero

Marazzi SistemC Città Cemento

Marazzi SistemC Città Grigio

Marazzi SistemC Città Bianco

*Sizes 10x10 and 20x20 cm.

*The color of the tile seam is matched to the tiles.