Baltic House Systems was founded in 2013. We are a modern, innovative manufacturing company specializing in the production of modular buildings. Our advantages are the freshness of ideas in the design solutions of modern buildings, their design, as well as the realization of our products.

As you know, design is one of the ways to promote the development of a company by creating added value.

Innovative design, individually tailored to each customer, is one of the ways to promote the development of the company, creating added value, as the customer is offered ready-made options for interior and exterior, as well as the customer can choose an individual approach.

We strive to make each new project unique, suitable for modern needs and environmentally friendly. Environmental ecology plays an important role in the production of our modular houses, as well as the comfort of human life in modern buildings. We use energy-saving technologies and energy-efficient materials to make our planet cleaner, and we unconsciously involve our customers in this process.

Global trends are increasingly moving towards open spaces, and this is reflected in the projects of leading designers around the world. Large panoramic windows create a spacious effect in the living space and allow a person to get closer to nature. Untouched natural views will become a daily landscape through your window sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen or in the winter evening by the fireplace sipping refreshing drinks with your loved one.

Thinking about the company’s visibility in both local and foreign markets, the company uses Internet resources, as well as attracting media.

Our quality is recognized and highly valued in Scandinavian countries, where we have delighted more than 30 families with homes.

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Your intentions, our solutions.