If you have decided to buy a financially advantageous, innovative modular house with us, the further process will be very simple. All you have to do is contact our office or book a visit in person. During the first meeting, we will evaluate your desired modular house project and listen to your wishes. It is possible to combine ready-made projects with the client’s wishes, as well as the services offered by the designer will definitely make your new home in the near future look especially aesthetic and unique. After your visit, the office staff will contact you again and invite to the office or send the project estimate value to your e-mail, depending on how the client chooses to receive the following information.


The next step – document management. Our company and architects will take care of arranging the documents, during which we will gladly listen to the client’s wishes and financial possibilities. At this stage,

the following steps are taken:

  • Coordination of documents with the responsible authorities
  • Masterplan development
  • Design of external engineering networks (If necessary)
  • Building energy certificate
  • Project coordination in the relevant construction board and obtaining a building permit

*Documentation development time is from 2-4 weeks.

**Project review / approval time is from 2-4 weeks.

***The approval time may differ in each Municipality.


The customer is offered two payment methodsfull price in one payment or in divided payments. If you choose split payments, the payment terms are as follows:

  • 10% At the time of signing the Agreement (covering the costs of documentation)
  • 40% Starting the production process *
  • 25% In the production process
  • 15% Completion of modular house production in the factory before delivery
  • 10% After delivery of the module house and signing of the ACCEPTANCE / TRANSFER deed

* If the customer chooses to adjust the project at the time the production process is started, additional costs are not included in the price (the customer covers the additional costs incurred).


After receiving the approval from the Construction Board, your modular house is directed to realization by placing it in the production plan.

The minimum production period of the project from the initial stage of production is 2.5 months *

* Project production time depends on the size of the project


There are several types of foundations for modular houses:

  • Concrete point foundations (If the house is temporarily located and it is planned to move)
  • Screw piles (Possible to build on any terrain and ground)
  • Concrete strip foundations

* The client can arrange the construction of the foundation himself, inviting a local builder

** Our company can offer foundation installation with business partners

*** Please indicate the exact location (using the address if it is a city or GPS location (if the object is outside the city)


The house is delivered by truck and is installed on your property with the help of a crane. *

* Please indicate the exact location (using the address if it is a city or GPS location (if the object is located outside the city))

** The modular house is insured during transportation


Installation of modular house may take a few days. Other work can be done for up to 2 weeks, depending on the level of complexity. To connect the modular house to the water, electricity and sewerage systems, you can use our company’s partners or use your available craftsmen*

* Damage caused by third parties during installation is not covered.


When the modular house is available for living (installed, connected to water, electricity and sewerage communications) we review together. After the house is inspected and the agreement of both parties is reached, an ACCEPTANCE / TRANSFER deed is signed.

* If any damage has occurred during the installation of the house or communications, our masters will fix it as soon as possible.


The company gives a warranty for the load-bearing structure for 5 years, equipment 2 years.